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avatar for CJ


Twin Humanities
Podcast Host
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Mark Backler

Fourth State
Fourth State
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Elsa Bartley

Lead UX Designer
avatar for Rob Bassett

Rob Bassett

Voice Actor
avatar for Yann Best

Yann Best

avatar for Penny Blakemore

Penny Blakemore

Band Aids Extraordinaire
Merch Gal
avatar for Kyle Cherry

Kyle Cherry

Confetti Institute of Creative Technologies
Games Lecturer
avatar for Lynda Clark

Lynda Clark

PhD Researcher
avatar for Sarah Cole

Sarah Cole

Creative Geek
avatar for Alex Darby

Alex Darby

darbotron ltd
Benevolent Dictator
avatar for Kevin Doran

Kevin Doran

Alley Cafe
avatar for Zack America Finley

Zack America Finley

University of Wales, Newport
avatar for Ross Fowkes

Ross Fowkes

Confetti Media Group
Systems Administrator
avatar for Olivia George

Olivia George

Front of House
avatar for Kevin Glover

Kevin Glover

University of Nottingham
Research Fellow
avatar for Ben Green

Ben Green

University of Manchester | RepublicOf1
Coder and Designer
avatar for Dr Jonathan Green

Dr Jonathan Green

University of Nottingham
often in front of a computer

David Grey

Confetti Institute of Creative Technology
avatar for Party for Introverts

Party for Introverts

Party for Introverts
Independent Game Studio
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Ewan Lamont

Legendary Games

Adam Martin

University of South Wales
Course Leader
avatar for Wilfried Nass

Wilfried Nass

Rockstar Games
French Localisation Tester
avatar for Lee Nicholls

Lee Nicholls

Near Now / Broadway
Studio Producer
avatar for Jez Noond

Jez Noond

New College Nottingham
Course Leader, Games Design & Development
avatar for John David Read

John David Read

Associate Director
avatar for Marco Accordi Rickards

Marco Accordi Rickards

VIGAMUS Foundation
avatar for Jodie Rodgers

Jodie Rodgers

Continue Play
avatar for Jason Roper

Jason Roper

Nottingham Trent university
Innovation Analyst
avatar for Elizabeth Simoens

Elizabeth Simoens

SeaSylph Games/Fire Hazard
Live Game Designer
avatar for Gemma Thomson

Gemma Thomson

CEO & Designer
avatar for Derek Wheatley

Derek Wheatley

Tesco Beeston
Stock Control Person